Zero Flags Project Foundation
Spuistraat 44
1012 TV Amsterdam

RSIN 862772060
Chamber of commerce (KvK) 832111381
Bank NL44INGB0674588347

Foundation policy

The Zero Flags Project Foundation board works on the basis of strategic objectives that are formulated for a number of years. In addition, within this strategic objective, the board defines action points per calendar year. The board communicates about the strategic objectives, the realization of goals and the action points via this website, among other things.

Financial policy

The Zero Flags Project Foundation board members are volunteers. Only travel costs, meeting facilities and other expenses that board members have to incur in the context of their position are reimbursed. The Foundation has no paid employees.The Foundation has annual expenses such as ICT, meeting costs and maintenance of the website. The board always applies the principle of appropriate frugality.